Data Privacy Policy

1. Legal Framework

Community DNS Limited, (“CDNS”) a company registered in England, employs the services of Internet Computer Bureau Limited, and runs the Service takes into account both the UK Data Protection Act of 1998 and the European Directive 95/46/EC.

2. Purpose

In the course of its Zone signing process service CDNS needs to gather and process personal information (“the Data”) about the User (“the Data Subject”):

The Data is associated with Zone information provided by the Data Subject will reveal DS records following queries made using the LookUP service.

3. Consent to the Processing of the Data

As part of the Zone data submission Process, the Data Subject must grant consent to CDNS to process and include the Data in the Registry Database as well as to publish parts of the Data relating to the Data Subject's registration as the result of a LookUP query on the Data Subject's Registered Domain name.
This consent is expressed at the time of supplying data to CDNS by checking the “Terms and Conditions” box after having read, or having been given the opportunity to read, the TERMS page.

4. Rights of Data Subject

a) Right to Refuse publication of certain parts of the Data

The User has the right to refuse publication of the Data by NOT using the service - in the event of using the service, the contact information of the User will not be published, but the Zone Data may be published. ).
The Data will be processed by CDNS or its agent following the consent given at the time of supplying the data and/or after any modification of the Data made by the Data Subject but parts of it (Phone, Fax and e-Mail) will not be used in the result of
Additionnally the Data Subject should note that the Billing Contact information is not published or made publicly available by CDNS or its agent.

b) Right to Rectify the Data

Once the Data has been processed by CDNS, the Data Subject has the possibility to edit or delete the Data simply by using the appropriate form - or contact us in the event of wanting a deletion. The Data Subject can access the relevant page to perform selected modifications on the Data, including withdrawing certain elements.
Additionally the Data Subject is granted the possibility to nominate another contact by creating another Account User Name using the appropriate form.

c) Right to know what Data has been processed

At all times, the Data Subject has the right to check which Data is held or has been processed by CDNS.
The Data can be checked by the User logging onto the system using their User Name and Password.

5. Third Parties

a) Registrars - Agents of the Data Subject.

If the Domain name Registration has been performed by a Registrar, the Data has been automatically transferred to CDNS as part of the registration process.
The Data Subject can either verify, edit or remove the Data from the CDNS database on the relevant page using its Password and User Name or contact the CDNS directly to do so.

b) Transfer from a Registrar to another

Registrar Transfers are free in the CDNS service and can be performed i) simply by deleting a name in one Registrar's account and associating your name in a new Registrar's account, note this would necessiatate a Key Rollover; or ii) contact CDNS to request a move from one Registrar to another.
Since the Data is still kept and processed by CDNS, transfers should have no implication regarding Data Privacy. However, the Data Subject is advised to obtain in writing a copy of the Data Privacy policy established by the new Registrar before transferring a Domain.

c) Agents

As specified in the Terms & Conditions of Registration: CDNS shall be permitted by the User's Agent (who shall expressly obtain the consent of individuals whose personal data is to be held on the Security-DNS service Database and if such consent is withheld or withdrawn then the Agent shall immediately terminate the registration) to allow other organisations and members of the public to access the data for the purpose of obtaining information about the DNSSEC key of a given Domain Name or any other related purpose.

Should the Data Subject not be willing to have their personal information associated with a registered domain they are able to use an Agent for Service as their representative. This action in effect transfers all rights in the domain name to the Agent as CDNS shall only record the Agent's details as associated with the domain. It is therefore recommended, if a User uses this third party service, that the relationship between actual user/holder of the domain and Agent for Service is clearly documented with a signed agreement of each others undertakings in the event of a dispute. The Agent will be deemed the Data Subject and benefit from the relevant rights established by this Policy.

6. Cookies

CDNS and the service in particular uses Cookies on its web site.

7. Data Protection Office

Internet Computer Bureau Limited is a Registered Data Controller to the UK Data Protection office under the number Z7229464. Details can be accessed by following this link to the Data Protection Office.