Benefits By strengthening DNS security, DNSSEC increases trust for a multitude of Internet activities, including e-commerce, online banking, e-mail, VoIP, and online software distribution.

The more widely it's deployed, the greater the benefits of DNSSEC for the global Internet community. DNSSEC is valuable for any company that uses the Internet as part of doing business. It helps prevent Web site visitors or email messages from being misdirected to imposter sites and adds another level of trust to online activities.

DNSSEC helps protect your customers and brand online. It mitigates the risk of customers using your brand becoming the unwitting victims of cybercrimes and thus is a must for organizations with a large online presence, for e-commerce operations, and for high-value brands.

In addition, DNSSEC opens the door to using the DNS system for new types of secure data transactions.'s easy to use tool removes the complexities of DNSSEC for end users, ISPs, Registrars, Registries and Corporates and in one "small" step it encourages the use and deployment of DNSSEC zones.